When wolf becomes the shepherd.

Posted in South African politics and social issues on September 24, 2018 by blikskottel

For a recent example of a political wolf becoming the shepherd, South Africa is the perfect example. Very naive people fell for the lies and deceit of communist leaders who punted themselves as having been somehow robbed by white people.

What they failed to also tell, is that there was NO development before whites arrived and that development was solely driven by whites. They know full well that for thousands of years blacks developed nothing of value and that this would have continued. Thus they make an argument that whites should have offered them a free pass to also get rich, while actually not contributing anything but paid labour.

That being said, they led the world to believe these lies and back them into power. Not for one moment did the international community consider that these new rulers simply did not have the skills and knowledge needed to run a complex and large economy.  The never considered that by their very nature, they were thieves. The whole existence of the ANC and others like it, was to steal what whites developed.

20+ years later, South Africa is a mere shadow of what it once was. Every single state department is riddled by corruption and outright theft. The ANC undermined even the justice system and police, as they knew they could not afford to face true justice. Crime is out of control and people are suffering under high taxes and levies, while the black political elite, wastes, steals and generally continue their orgy of eating, drinking and travel.

If this is democracy, I do not want or need it.


So bietjie oor my besoek aan Bahrein

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Na 3.5 jaar in die midde ooste het ek uiteindelik kans gekry om twee dae in Bahrein te spandeer.  Ek het dit probeer besoek as net ‘n toeris, met die doel om fotos te neem van die hoof besienswaardighede.

Dis ‘n klein eiland, so daar is nie woes baie om te sien nie, maar as jy mooi beplan is daar genoeg om jou vir twee dae besig te hou.

Die een ding wat my opgeval het, is die hoeveelhede prostitute daar. Baie hotelle het nagklubs en drinkplekke en saans swerm die prossies soontoe en gevolglik ook die mense wat met hulle besigheid doen. Bloedjong meisies uit hoofsaaklik Thailand en Filipyne is by verre die meerderheid. Daar is ook Russe en party uit ander oosblok lande, wat vir die ouens wat baie geld het, dienste lewer.

Vir ‘n moslem land bewys Bahrain weereens hoe tweegat en skeinheilig mense kan wees. Saudi mans ry in hulle derduisende na Bahrain toe oor naweke, net om te drink en seks te koop. Daai selfde lot loop en bid 5 keer per dag deur die week, alles om seker te maak hulle sal die islamitiese hemel bereik, waar hulle deel sal wees van ”n nimmereindigende orgie. Dis om van naar te word.


Sex in the islamic version of heaven

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If you have ever wondered why men almost never leave islam, then read this, as written by an islamic scholar:

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Merciful, the Ever Merciful…

Allaah, the Most Generous, has promised His believing servants many different rewards in His expansive gardens of Paradise.  Aside from the greatest joy of all, looking at our Magnificent Creator, the residents of Paradise will indulge in various foods an drinks, to the large homes, rivers of pure water, honey, milk, and wine, to the beautiful virgin girls awaiting the personal enjoyment of the men.

In one islamic tradition, men will have up to 72 women at their sexual disposure. These women will stay virgins. They will also have young boys that will be circulated amongst themselves.

Thus, heaven in islam will be nothing but a brothal with a continous orgy taking place. Feel free to compare this with the Bible’s version of heaven.

Clearly islam and Christianity do not worship the same God.

Land or death, a call from South African blacks.

Posted in South African politics and social issues on August 2, 2018 by blikskottel

There is this idea, that many blacks have, that owning land will help them to get rich.  How it will help them get rich, is met by zombie like stares .

I have seen many with land all over Africa, but most by far are still dirtpoor. This is even true in areas with more than enough rainfall and very rich soil. Subsistance farming simply cannot feed families, nor educate properly or lead to longterm prosperity.

I am sure that if 1million black families are each given 5 hectares of land, to make a living from, they will become even poorer, if not starve. To prevent that from happening, they will still be sucking on the social grant tit.

What would then have been the net gain of having land? For them, nothing. For the few tax payers, the farmers and the country, there will just be a massive loss.


South Africa, a vampire state.

Posted in South African politics and social issues on July 16, 2018 by blikskottel

Reports on how much of a South African citizen’s income flows to the government, is truly schocking. How on earth can 60-70% of you earnings be allowed to go down the gullet if this corrupt regime?

The fact of the matter is simply that the regime extorts socalled taxes from a very small group, in order to enrich the elite, while offering crumbs to the masses of people who add very little to the economy. This has already led to large numbers of people, leaving South Africa.

Those who go are the one that are most needed. Sadly, as most are white skinned, the regime sees them as racists, while ignoring the real reasons for them leaving.

In my opinion, South Africa will not ever get back to the great state it was under white government. It has become just another African state, slipping into the third-world.

Who is a Frenchmen these days?

Posted in South African politics and social issues on July 1, 2018 by blikskottel

It cannot be missed how many African soccer players are in the French team. Some black oke reckoned they are Frenchmen, not Africans.

My view is different: They might be citizens of France, but they can never be Frenchmen.

Elke dag meer gemors

Posted in South African politics and social issues on June 21, 2017 by blikskottel

Eers sit ons met massiewe korrupsie. Toe word die land deur Moodies afgegradeer.

Asof dit nie erg genoeg is nie, is SAA nou in soveel skuld dat die bank sy geld alles dadelik wil terug vat.

Met die Rand al klaar swak, besluit die publieke beskermer, dat sy voel die grondwet moet verander word en daar sak die Rand nog 2%.

Vanmore lees ek die AG reken dat diefstal in mislikepaliteite met 50% toegeneem het.

Gaan mense nooit wakker word nie? Gaan die howe nooit wakker word nie.